La Junta Escondida

Friday 13 July 10:00 PM

Baveno – Cava Seula

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The show by La Junta Escondida di Maltango brings to the stage the true magic of tango thanks to a new reading that is energetic while at the same time attentive and exacting.
The repertory proposed, ranging from Piazzolla to D’Arienzo, from Pugliese to Troilo, together with the typical instrumentation, including the bandoneon, the symbol of tango, leads the spectator along a form of temporal and geographical journey. The Maltango ensemble also presents the other side of the tango experience: the dancers, with whom the show is constructed.
The Maltango ensemble varies in size from one show to the next, collaborating with diverse musicians and dancers. On the occasion of Tones on the Stones, the formation will be composed of seven musicians and two pairs of dancers. The performance begins with the music of Astor Piazzolla and closes with La Cumparsita, in a sense the national anthem of tango. The show covers the multiple aspects of the art, from its origins to the present day, from “canyengue” to “tango nuevo”, by way of the “golden age”.
What is commonly known as Argentine tango actually has mysterious origins, perhaps Caribbean, perhaps even African, and is a fusion of culture and musicality, a collection of experiences drawn from the most varied situations that after having been combined, explode before returning to their origins in modified if not reinforced form.
After having been for almost a century a niche product known almost exclusively in Argentina, tango has become a truly international phenomenon. Its melodies and its rhythms seem particularly familiar to our ears and create an involving, at time overwhelming experience steeped in a magic that is always difficult to put into words.

Giampaolo Costantini – Bandoneon
Alessandro Costantini – Piano
Leonardo Spinedi – Violin & Guitar
Franco Bertolino – Viola
Hector Faustini – Double Bass
Raul Dosset – Flute
Gianluca Berti e Federica Bolengo – First Dancers
Marco Palladino e Lara Carminati – Second Dancers