NeXTones, the section dedicated to digital arts and new music is part of the programme again this year and comprises a selection of international works. Immersive performances will take us late into the night on an exploratory journey of the most recent forms of audiovideo interaction. 


BLANCK MASS a/v live
VRIL live


NeXTones Preview

Saturday 8th July · from 9.00pm
Museo Maga · Gallarate



Caterina Barbieri is a young Italian composer based in Berlin. After a bachelor’s degree in electroacoustic music from the conservatory of Bologna, she continued her studies in Stockholm, where she also had the chance to research and produce music at the prestigious Elektronmusikstudion (EMS). Since then, her work has been commissioned and performed in several festivals and venues of experimental music such as The Long Now, MaerzMusik, Atonal and CTM, Goethe Institute (JP), Norbergfestival (SE), Worm (NL), Angelica (IT), Istituto Svizzero (IT), Art’s Birthday Party (SE), De Montfort University (UK), Manchester University (UK), EGH (IT), Les Urbaines (CH), 73rd Venezia Film Festival (IT), NTS Radio, Red Bull Music Academy, and more. She has composed music for old and new synthesizers as well as for string instruments. A focus on minimalism in composition arises from a meditation on primary waveforms and exploration of the polyphonic and polyrhythmic potential of sequencers.
Her second album Patterns of Consciusness has just been released for the American label Important Records, and gained an extremely positive critical acclaim throughout the music scene.

The young Italian artist will perform live her Patterns of Consciousness for the preview of NeXTones at Maga Museo of Gallarate. Since 2005 the Museum is pursuing a research in the field of the Contemporary Art, paving a critical path through exhibitions, performance, and events that, beside focusing on all of those artistic expressions and languages that don’t know any boundaries of genre, postulates a new definition of the artistic subject.


Saturday 22nd July · from 9.30pm
The Historic Quarry of Trontano, Verbania


Italian première

Robert Henke is an artist who is a specialist in the field of audiovisual installations and musical performance. With his substantial experience in engineering, and his sensitivity to the appeal of technology, Henke believes that the act of creating his own tools for work and the algorithms that control them plays a crucial role in the creative process.
An engineer and professor of Sound Design at the Arts University of Berlin, he has had a leading role in the development of the Ableton Live software which has been a fundamental tool in the production of electronic music since 1999. He is in charge of the Monolake music project, with nine albums and numerous singles to his credit from 1995 to the present day. His works have been shown at Tate Modern, the Pompidou Centre, moMA PS1 and at the most important international festivals.

Lumière III is the very latest version of the multimedia work which explores the boundaries of laser technology using their innate characteristics and pushing them to their limits. This has brought about the creations of images which have never been seen before covering the whole visual spectrum. We are taken from the purity of absolute white to almost total darkness, from colours which are impossible to achieve using traditional video technology to elegant and elaborate kinetic forms and phenomena.
In the title of the performance, Lumière, there is not only a reference to the medium used, light, but also to the pioneers of cinema, Auguste and Louis Lumière.

Robert Henke himself has developed the software that allows a constant connection to be maintained between the musical and visual elements, ending up with a lasting bond between the two media and making Lumière an extremely involving work which is somewhere between an electronic concert and visual art.
The laser control software, as well as the visual programming, the sound design and the real-time interaction of these elements were all developed by Henke himself and he has created a special open-air version of the work using the most powerful laser equipment currently available.



Blanck Mass is a Benjamin John Power’s project of the duo Fuck Buttons, who presents his third full-length album World Eater, recently published on Sacred Bones. Since his 2011’s beginning with Mogwai’s Rock Action, his world of sounds has evolved from an ambient trance to a more dynamic and rhythmic post-rave galaxy (Powell, Amnesia Scanner): music to listen and dance.

World Eater is a fierce album, which pours out the anger and frustration of the author for the contemporary confusion through rampant and industrial rhythms, while aiming, through a series of soft sound stratifications, to the attainment of a “clear and heavenly sensory ecstasy”.



Merchants is a musical exploration of imaginary countries, between current sounds and re-found samples, where global debris and techno pulsations meet in search of new, possible music. The duo, composed by Alberto Ricca (Bienoise) and Davide Amici, presents live songs of the same debut album with an energetic, strongly instinctive, ritual and hypnotic live, completely played without a computer.



Vril appeared on the scene seemingly out of nothing on the earliest ‘10s, taking part to the already well-renowned German label Giegling. His music made such beautiful noise that instantly got the attention of Marcell Dettmann, who gave it a room on his label Ostgut Ton. Vril’s sound is a search for the evergoing movement, exploring a never stopping energy. Once he catches you in his groove it will shine so bright that you won’t be able to escape it.



Inspired by Detroit techno and New York electronic, acid-house and garage music, Marco Shuttle is an Italian producer based in Berlin who has developed in the course of the years a very personal and profound style with his introspective and psychedelic sets.

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