Tones on the Stones Preview


::MaMu:: Magazzino Musica – Milan

FRIDAY 23rd JUNE 2017
h. 06.30 pm


Airs, duets, and pieces took from the impressive lyrical repertoire.

NeXTones Preview


Museum MaGa · Gallarate
from h. 09.00 pm



Caterina Barbieri is a young Italian composer based in Berlin. After a bachelor’s degree in electroacoustic music from the conservatory of Bologna, she continued her studies in Stockholm, where she also had the chance to research and produce music at the prestigious Elektronmusikstudion (EMS). Since then, her work has been commissioned and performed in several festivals and venues of experimental music such as The Long Now, MaerzMusik, Atonal and CTM, Goethe Institute (JP), Norbergfestival (SE), Worm (NL), Angelica (IT), Istituto Svizzero (IT), Art’s Birthday Party (SE), De Montfort University (UK), Manchester University (UK), EGH (IT), Les Urbaines (CH), 73rd Venezia Film Festival (IT), NTS Radio, Red Bull Music Academy, and more.

She has composed music for old and new synthesizers as well as for string instruments. A focus on minimalism in composition arises from a meditation on primary waveforms and exploration of the polyphonic and polyrhythmic potential of sequencers. Her second album Patterns of Consciusness has just been released for the American label Important Records, and gained an extremely positive critical acclaim throughout the music scene.

The young Italian artist will perform live her Patterns of Consciousness for the preview of NeXTones at Maga Museo of Gallarate. Since 2005 the Museum is pursuing a research in the field of the Contemporary Art, paving a critical path through exhibitions, performance, and events that, beside focusing on all of those artistic expressions and languages that don’t know any boundaries of genre, postulates a new definition of the artistic subject.

Tones on the Stones Festival


The historic quarry at Trontano
FRIDAY 21st JULY 2017
h. 09.30 pm


by W. A. Mozart

With simultaneous projection of the animated film “Aeterna” by Leonardo Carrano


Conductor Paolo Spadaro
Soprano Sujung Wang
Contralto Eleonora Filipponi
Tenore Federico Bulletti
Basso Ken Watanabe
Coro Universitario del Collegio Ghislieri
Orchestra da Camera Milano Classica

Tones On The Stones - Coro Universitario - Elda Papa


Aeterna by Leonardo Carrano is an extraordinary, unique and exceptional work.  Mozart’s Requiem is made even more intense by the creation of images where a world on a higher plane than ours appears…». (Ennio Morricone)

Aeterna is an experimental animated film, which springs from the sensations that its maker, Leonardo Carrano, experienced on listening to Mozart’s Requiem. The various parts of the famous Mass are interpreted through 14 films which make up an organic and multi-faceted whole derived from a range of animation techniques and ways of expression.

Tones on the Stones - Aeterna di Leonardo Carrano - scene dal film

“I gradually allowed my myself to be overcome by wonder as I listened to the Requiem every day for twelve years (five listening to it passively and another seven while making the film), and it took shape in my work, through a mainly dreamlike process: the creative and the technical-artistic acts were triggered by a variety of inspirations which stem both from the music and from my life experience, which, inevitably, dominated a work that took so much time.”  (Leonardo Carrano)

Each of the films was made with a co-director, whose individual sensitivity and artistic, cultural and technical contribution made the work even richer:
Mikulas Rachlik: Requiem Aeternam; Alessandro Pierattini: Kyrie, Rex Tremendae, Recordare, Domine Jesu, Agnus Dei; Ada Impallara: Dies Irae; Renato Flenghi: Tuba Mirum; Luca Zoppi: Confutatis; Silvio Giorcelli: Lacrimosa, Sanctus; Luca Romani: Hostias; Alberto Antonio Dandolo: Benedictus; Alain Parroni: Lux Aeterna.

The historic quarry of Trontano
h. 09.30 pm


NeXTones, the section dedicated to digital arts and new music is part of the programme again this year and comprises a selection of international works. Immersive performances will take us late into the night on an exploratory journey of the most recent forms of audiovideo interaction. 


Italian première

Robert Henke is an artist who is a specialist in the field of audiovisual installations and musical performance. With his substantial experience in engineering, and his sensitivity to the appeal of technology, Henke believes that the act of creating his own tools for work and the algorithms that control them plays a crucial role in the creative process.
An engineer and professor of Sound Design at the Arts University of Berlin, he has had a leading role in the development of the Ableton Live software which has been a fundamental tool in the production of electronic music since 1999. He is in charge of the Monolake music project, with nine albums and numerous singles to his credit from 1995 to the present day. His works have been shown at Tate Modern, the Pompidou Centre, moMA PS1 and at the most important international festivals.

Lumière III is the very latest version of the multimedia work which explores the boundaries of laser technology using their innate characteristics and pushing them to their limits. This has brought about the creations of images which have never been seen before covering the whole visual spectrum. We are taken from the purity of absolute white to almost total darkness, from colours which are impossible to achieve using traditional video technology to elegant and elaborate kinetic forms and phenomena.
In the title of the performance, Lumière, there is not only a reference to the medium used, light, but also to the pioneers of cinema, Auguste and Louis Lumière.

Robert Henke himself has developed the software that allows a constant connection to be maintained between the musical and visual elements, ending up with a lasting bond between the two media and making Lumière an extremely involving work which is somewhere between an electronic concert and visual art.
The laser control software, as well as the visual programming, the sound design and the real-time interaction of these elements were all developed by Henke himself and he has created a special open-air version of the work using the most powerful laser equipment currently available.

Visit the NeXTones page for the full lineup

The historic quarry at Trontano
SUNDAY 23rd JULY 2017
h. 09.30 pm


Twelve musicians, six men and six women, simultaneously play twelve grand pianos. A concert, an event that is completely unique, with simultaneous, alternating and opposing rhythmic progressions.
The rhythmic structures, the 1056 black and white keys of the 12 pianos produce a spellbinding programme: surfaces, lines, interweaving sequences of sounds and colours that ebb and flow in dynamic musical harmony. Featuring ZaMagA Athletic Dancers performing during the concert.

tones on the stones - piano twelve


J. S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto n° 34
A. Vivaldi: Summer
M. Mussorgsky: A Night At Mount Calvo
A. Mosolov: Iron Foundries 
M. Mussorgsky: The Great Gate of Kiev
A. Kachaturian: Dance of the Swords
G. Gershwin: An American in Paris
J. Williams: E.T.
H. Zimmer: Pirates of the Carribean
H. Zimmer: The Gladiator
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters
Coldplay: Madplay

The names of the twelve pianists: Matteo Andri, Valeria Anzil, Federica Bello, Caterina De Biaggio, Paolo Chiarandini, Giorgio Cozzutti, Caterina Croci, Renato Strukelj, Ferdinando Mussutto, Fabiana Noro, Daniele Russo, Agnese Toniutti.

Arrangements: Ferdinando Mussutto, Matteo Andri, Valter Sivilotti, Daniele Russo.

Artistic director: Valter Sivilotti and Ferdinando Mussutto.

For the Tones on the Stones concert, Piano Twelve is enhanced by attractive visual elements: installations and a video and dance area, all of which will create an exciting and poetic evening.

Sponsored by

Tones On The Stones Kids

In 2017, alongside the traditional programme, a section dedicated to our younger guests and above all for residents from the mountain communities.

Without Children mountains will die

It is of the greatest importance to guarantee children the right to live and grow up in the mountains, safeguarding services and leisure opportunities, the chance to share, participate and grow. Children are the future for the mountains. Without them the small municipalities in the Piedmont hinterland and the rest of the country will die out. After years of dramatic depopulation, we want to help families who have returned to and decided to work in the highlands. To this end we need to make the right political and institutional choices both for families and their children.
Tones on the Stones offers a weekend of activities created specially for youngsters including shows, workshops and performing itineraries to put them in touch with nature and artistic production.

SUNDAY 9th JULY 2017
10.00 am to 05.00 pm

Potions, Magical Spells and Witchcraft

Workshops and Performance in the Orridi di Uriezzo

The ancient fables of the Ossolan mountains will be used as a basis weaving the animated itinerary.
The project is directed by Cristina Bersanelli (Premio Abbiati 2017).

The Gorge, the Rock and the creativity of Tones on the Stones

Tones on the Stones, thanks to the know-how which has been accumulated over the years during work in the quarries, confronts the morphology of the Gorge, which consists of a series of large sub-circular caves linked by narrow passageways and winding tunnels. The walls have been carved into recesses, spirals and channels made by the violent and swirling waterfalls and in some places the walls are so close to each other that you can no longer see the sky.
This beguiling setting becomes the set for a series of stories, performances and workshops. With the particpation of actors, dancers and acrobats a multisensory itinerary will be created allowing participants to live an artistic experience in close contact with nature.


h. 09.00 pm

Hansel and Gretel

Italian version

Music by Engelbert Humperdinck
Directed by Alessio Pizzech
Conductor at the piano Massimo Scapin

Hänsel und Gretel is a romantic opera in three acts by Engelbert Humperdinck with a libretto by Adelheid Wette (the composer’s sister), based on the fable of the same name by the brothers Grimm. Composed in Frankfurt am Main in 1891, it was performed for the first time in Weimar on 23rd December 1893, successfully directed by Richard Strauss, who wrote to Humperdinck: “To tell the truth this is a first class work. I haven’t been so impressed by an opera for a very long time. What an agreeable spirit, what charm, what simple tunes, what art and skill in the management of the orchestra, and what a triumph in the general structure. My dear friend, you are a great maestro».

The performance has been creaated thanks to the Opera Studio Aterlier La Voce dell’Arte project that chooses young professionals and launches them on their operatic career by means of training workshops. The selected artists are given a grant and are lodged in the village of Crodo.

The players

  • Hansel Mae Hayashi (mezzosoprano)
  • Gretel Su Jung Wang (soprano)
  • Mother Eleonora Filipponi (mezzosoprano)
  • Father Ken Watanabe (baritono)
  • Sabbiolina Fabiola Amatore (mezzosoprano)

With the participation of Maddalena Calderoni as Marzipan Witch

Silvia Magagni piano
Paolo Pasqualin percussions
Nevio Cavina light design
Francesca Sartorio and Flavia Ruggeri scenes and costumes (in collaboration with Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera)
Michele Degan assistant director

Con la partecipazione di Campo Teatrale la Fabbrica

For this performance considerable involvement of the audience is foreseen: in the week of the performance there will be open rehearsals and free singing lessons for children and families with the aim of having the audience singing two small choral pieces which are included in the score of the opera. From May onwards through social media you will find tutorials posted to help you to get to know the opera and work on the parts to be sung. Children will have the chance to help construct the sets by making small props at home that they will be able to place on the stage before the performance.

Venerdì 21 e Domenica 23 luglio 2017
dalle ore 20.30

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