Tones on the Stones is much more than a mere festival: it is an opportunity to enjoy a weekend of nature and adventure in the midst of the landscapes and colours offered by the Lake Maggiore district and Italy’s largest wilderness area, the Val Grande National Park.
The term wilderness generally brings to mind boundless spaces, wild places uncontaminated by the presence of man. The Val Grande is more besides. Here the traces of human presence are clearly evident: mule tracks, alpine pastures, terracing and the remains of cableways testify to how in centuries past man frequented the valley intensively.
Wilderness here in the Val Grande signifies a place long abandoned, without roads, with no permanent or even seasonal settlements where nature is slowly reclaiming its spaces. In this valley, wilderness means harmony, natural equilibrium and undisturbed silence.

The Ossolane Valleys, a “stone’s throw” from the splendid locations of the 2018 edition offer a fantastic range of opportunities.
The Val d’Ossola is a broad alpine valley situated in Northern Piedmont on the Swiss border and is composed of seven valleys: Vigezzo, Anzasca, Formazza, Bognanco, Divedro, Antigorio and Antrona. Enclosed at the heart of the area is the Ossola plain with its charming historic towns and villages.
The physical and administrative core of the Central Val’Ossola is Domodossola, a key place of transit for the Simplon Pass and the alpine passes of the Val Formazza. On the strength of its vocation as a frontier town, over the years Domodossola has developed as a modern centre while conserving its medieval features. Located on the Mattarella hill overlooking the town is the Sacro Monte Calvario, included in the UNESCO World Heritage list from 2003. Download PDF.

What to do

Lake Maggiore and the Val Grande and Val’Ossola areas are among the most attractive in Italy thanks to breathtaking excursions, rivers, waterfalls and naturals spas, not to mention art, culture, sport and entertainment.
This unique landscape offers the chance to plan a weekend immersed in nature but with the opportunity of exploring the local culture. Domodossola, close the Beola di Monte quarry is an attractive town with a wealth of history and culture, an inimitable alpine pearl at the heart of the Val d’Ossola.

Some suggestions

Associazione Musei Ossola – Over 40 sites to visit
Sacro Monte Calvario di Domodossola – UNESCO World Heritage site
Orridi di Uriezzo – A spectacular and unusual walk
Il Lago Maggiore
Distretto dei Laghi
Parco della Val Grande
Visita Ossola e Lago Maggiore
Lago Maggiore Fun
Terme di Premia
Terme di Bognanco
Cascata del Toce
Parco Devero Veglia

For lovers of adventure, sport and adrenaline

Vertical Trek & Canyoning
Lago Maggiore Canyoning


Accomodation for all: B&B accommodation for those who prefer a more domestic ambience, but also hotels with all you could desire for a weekend of relaxation and wellness.

On Lake Maggiore the Zacchera Hotels Group offers various options in Baveno and Stresa, all with four stars.
In Domodossola the Hotel Corona is the perfect base for exploring the historic town centre and sampling the local delicacies thanks to its fine restaurant.

Where to eat

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