The Gold Rush by Charlie Chaplin

Thursday 26 July 10:00 PM

Montecrestese – Cava La Beola di Monte
Film screening with orchestral accompaniment
Helmut Imig – Director
Tones on the Stones Orchestra

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The screening of cinematic masterpieces with the synchronised execution of the soundtrack is an operation being proposed by a number of major orchestras and theatres. However, only a few directors are confident with tackling these technically complex productions: Helmut Imig is without doubt one of them.

Tones on the Stones is presenting a show that is much more than a concert, much more than a film: a perfect union of music executed as an accompaniment to the images of the great Charlie Chaplin.

A masterpiece of silent film that transforms the quarry into a cinema.

“I was now free to make my first comedy for United Artists and anxious to top the success of The Kid. For weeks I strove, thought and brooded, trying to get an idea. I kept saying to myself, “This next film must be epic! The greatest!” But nothing would come. Then one Sunday morning, while spending the week-end at the Fairbankses, I sat with Douglas after breakfast, looking at stereoscopic views. Some were of Alaska and the Klondike; one a view of the Chilkoot Pass, with a long line of prospectors climbing up over its frozen mountain, with a caption printed on the back describing the trials and hardships endured in surmounting it. This was a wonderful theme, I thought, enough to stimulate my imagination. Immediately ideas and comedy business began to develop, and, although I had no story, the image of one began to grow.”
C. Chaplin, “The Gold Rush” from My Autobiography, Brooklyn House Publishing, 2003

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