::MaMu:: Magazzino Musica – Milan

FRIDAY 23rd JUNE 2017
h. 06.30 pm

Tones on the Stones Preview


Airs, duets, and pieces took from the impressive lyrical repertoire.

The historic quarry at Trontano
h. 09.30 pm


by W. A. Mozart

With simultaneous projection of the animated film “Aeterna” by Leonardo Carrano


Conductor Paolo Spadaro
Soprano Sujung Wang
Contralto Eleonora Filipponi
Tenore Federico Bulletti
Basso Ken Watanabe
Coro Universitario del Collegio Ghislieri
Orchestra da Camera Milano Classica

Tones On The Stones - Coro Universitario - Elda Papa

«Aeterna by Leonardo Carrano is an extraordinary, unique and exceptional work.  Mozart’s Requiem is made even more intense by the creation of images where a world on a higher plane than ours appears…». (Ennio Morricone)

Aeterna is an experimental animated film, which springs from the sensations that its maker, Leonardo Carrano, experienced on listening to Mozart’s Requiem. The various parts of the famous Mass are interpreted through 14 films which make up an organic and multi-faceted whole derived from a range of animation techniques and ways of expression.

Tones on the Stones - Aeterna di Leonardo Carrano - scene dal film

“I gradually allowed my myself to be overcome by wonder as I listened to the Requiem every day for twelve years (five listening to it passively and another seven while making the film), and it took shape in my work, through a mainly dreamlike process: the creative and the technical-artistic acts were triggered by a variety of inspirations which stem both from the music and from my life experience, which, inevitably, dominated a work that took so much time.”  (Leonardo Carrano)

Each of the films was made with a co-director, whose individual sensitivity and artistic, cultural and technical contribution made the work even richer:
Mikulas Rachlik: Requiem Aeternam; Alessandro Pierattini: Kyrie, Rex Tremendae, Recordare, Domine Jesu, Agnus Dei; Ada Impallara: Dies Irae; Renato Flenghi: Tuba Mirum; Luca Zoppi: Confutatis; Silvio Giorcelli: Lacrimosa, Sanctus; Luca Romani: Hostias; Alberto Antonio Dandolo: Benedictus; Alain Parroni: Lux Aeterna.

h. 09.30 pm


Robert Henke – Lumière III

h. 09.30 pm

Piano Twelve
& ZaMagA Athletic Dancers

Twelve musicians, six men and six women, simultaneously play twelve grand pianos. A concert, an event that is completely unique, with simultaneous, alternating and opposing rhythmic progressions.
The rhythmic structures, the 1056 black and white keys of the 12 pianos produce a spellbinding programme: surfaces, lines, interweaving sequences of sounds and colours that ebb and flow in dynamic musical harmony. Featuring ZaMagA Athletic Dancers performing during the concert.

tones on the stones - piano twelve


J. S. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto n° 34
A. Vivaldi: Summer
M. Mussorgsky: Una notte sul Monte Calvo
A. Mosolov: Fonderie d’acciaio
M. Mussorgsky: The Great Gate of Kiev
A. Kachaturian: Dance of the Swords
G. Gershwin: An American in Paris
J. Williams: E.T.
H. Zimmer: Pirates of the Carribean
H. Zimmer: The Gladiator
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters
Coldplay: Madplay

The names of the twelve pianists: Matteo Andri, Valeria Anzil, Federica Bello, Caterina De Biaggio, Paolo Chiarandini, Giorgio Cozzutti, Caterina Croci, Renato Strukelj, Ferdinando Mussutto, Fabiana Noro, Daniele Russo, Agnese Toniutti.

Arrangements: Ferdinando Mussutto, Matteo Andri, Valter Sivilotti, Daniele Russo.

Artistic director: Valter Sivilotti and Ferdinando Mussutto.

For the Tones on the Stones concert, Piano Twelve is enhanced by attractive visual elements: installations and a video and dance area, all of which will create an exciting and poetic evening.

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