Tribute to De Chirico

Saturday 14 July 10:00 PM

Piazza Rovereto, Domodossola

Sound and light in Domodossola
Video installation: Aesop studio
Pianist and composer: Giacomo Ronchin

A co-production by The Stones, Città di Domodossola and Fondazione Ruminelli

An event born out of a new and fertile partnership between Tones on the Stones, the town of Domodossola and the Fondazione Ruminelli, that represents a concrete point of departure for a future valorization of the historical-cultural heritage of Domodossola and the surrounding valleys: the value of the networking of resources to amplify cultural programming and its promotional capacity on national and international levels.
Saturday 14 July will see a series of events: the inauguration of the exhibition “De Chirico De Pisis. La mente altrove”, which marks the beginning of a new venture for the Civic Museums of Domodossola, the town will then be presenting its “Notte Bianca della Cultura” or “Night of Culture”, while Tones on the Stones will making its own contribution to the celebrations with a special presentation of a tribute to the great Giorgio De Chirico.

The show
Giorgio De Chirico is without doubt one of the most enigmatic and visionary artists of the 20th Century. His paintings were inspired by classical architecture in a metaphysical key: in his art he sought to evoke the hidden meanings of everyday life, painting ominous statues, mysterious shadows and strange combinations of everyday objects, scenes of empty cities.
The video installation by Aesop Studio, an artists’ collective specialising in the multimedia, film and video art sector, will be accompanied by the music of Giacomo Ronchini at the piano, formerly an “enfant prodige” and today an established performer and composer, providing an evening of light and sound for the town of Domodossola.